And we know that in all things God works for the good of those that love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.
Romans 8:28

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Surgery Results

Hello Everyone!!! Sorry for the brief break from blogging, as I type, I'm stretched out on my couch hurting but recovering! I'm at the point that I feel lucid enough to type this because I'm in enough pain to know that the pain medication is nearly worn off!! Hopefully I make sense, but if I don't, I can't be blamed! Blame it on the hydrocodone!

My surgery Tuesday went well. It took about two hours to get me all cleaned out, but the doctor seemed optimistic about the results. Surgery began at 8 and by 11 I was waking up in the recovery room. The recovery people were in a real hurry to get me out the door, and I wasn't having an easy time complying with that....they had me up and getting dressed and going to the bathroom long before I felt ready! I came out of the bathroom feeling really dizzy and found that they had already cleaned my bed and moved it. No one was around to help me, and I almost passed out, so I collapsed in a wheelchair and nearly started to cry. Pretty soon a nurse came in with Jacob. I guess she could tell by the way I was slumped in the wheelchair that I wasn't ready to go home, so she put me back in bed and gave me another bag of fluids. I finally started feeling better and made it home around 2:00.

I wasn't able to talk to the doctor because I was still pretty out of it, so I called the nurse yesterday to get the report from her. She said that the doctor removed a little endometriosis, but mostly adhesions (scar tissue). He was pleased with this because the scar tissue will not likely return after being removed. In addition, the endometriosis was located mostly on my ovaries, so he was able to put a protective coating over my ovaries to help prevent it from returning again. I felt good about the fact that there wasn't a lot of endometriosis grown back yet. I had been worried that it had returned so quickly, but in fact, it was just the scar tissue causing the problems.

In addition, after getting a look at what was going on, he felt like the scar tissue was the problem in us getting pregnant previously. He seemed optimistic that I will be able to get pregnant and possibly even by using another IUI rather than moving on to IVF!! This is a huge blessing for us, because as you know, we were concerned about the cost of IVF! We'll be able to give the IUI a couple more shots before needing to move on! We still need to save some in order to do another IUI, so it will probably be a couple months before we're ready, but we'll keep you all posted. I'm thinking probably November will be our next try.

Thank you so much for your prayers!!! I feel so much better about our prognosis and feel excited to have finally received some GOOD news!!! Keep praying, your prayers are working!!!
(By the way, isn't it awesome to be a part of God working in someone's life. I love it when I've been praying for something or someone and the prayer gets answered, even in part!! It feels great to be a part of it, and you're all a part of it! Imagine how we'll ALL feel when I'm finally pregnant!!!!!)

Thanks again! Love to all!!


  1. Praise God! Rest up and continue to get better.

  2. Love you two so much and so thankful that our prayers are being answered, even just a bit at a time. Praise our Lord. Get lots of rest.