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Romans 8:28

Friday, November 12, 2010

Ultrasound and IUI

Just to update everyone on where we are with our fertility "journey"...

I had an ultrasound on Wednesday that showed that this new medication had fixed the problem with my uterine lining. The lining was very good. However, I just have one good follicle, and it was a VERY good size. There aren't really any other smaller follicles on either side. Although most "normal" people get pregnant with one follicle, and it's completely possible, I still am just not responding well to ovulation induction. We will, however, still have an IUI this month (probably tomorrow morning).

In the bigger picture, the fact that I'm only having one follicle at a time is alarming to me because of the test on my egg supply a few months ago. I sort of went into panic-mode! I had hoped that the scar tissue had been most of the problem and that I would respond better to medication after the surgery, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Jacob and I are considering our options for going forward with treatment and trying to decide how to balance the financial burden of IVF with the scary thought that our time to conceive may be limited. Please pray with us over the next several weeks that God would give us a clear direction as to what we should do next.

By the way, I know that I'm kind of jumping the gun with this since we are still doing an IUI this month, and it's completely possible that I could get pregnant. We just have to plan ahead and decide where to go if it doesn't work so that we can begin the process of saving, getting a loan, finding $15,000 on the roadside, winning the lottery (which we don't play), getting on a game show, you know....that sort of thing!

Thank you all for your support and prayers through this entire process! We can't say enough how much we appreciate the way, we're open to suggestions, advice, and opinions!!! Feel free to comment here or send me an email ( or facebook message!

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  1. Try to stay positive Erica! I remember when we were trying with Bristol, I was very negative about our IUI because I only had one follicle after high doses of Clomid...and then we got pregnant! Try to take one day at a time and remember it is all part of God's perfect plan!
    Sending prayers and love your way!