And we know that in all things God works for the good of those that love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.
Romans 8:28

Thursday, September 8, 2011

We Are Crazy Busy!

WOW! Our life has certainly changed since a year ago! Let me update you a little...

Jacob and I are happily settled into our beautiful home! We couldn't be more pleased with the house we chose. And after just a few days it was completely unpacked and decorated (thanks to my Mom and Mother-In-Law).

I am WORKING! Yes, you read that right....I took a part-time job back at Tippecanoe Christian School. I'm teaching Pre-school 3. It's just two mornings a week, and I absolutely love it! But they sure are keeping me on my toes!!!

I am spending a TON of time with my beautiful nieces. They are such a huge joy to me. I get to have them often and wouldn't trade the time for anything in this world. I'm also home-schooling my sweet Brenna Claire for kindergarten. What a joy to get to take part in her learning. And we're anxiously awaiting the arrival of our first nephew in December. (Aunt Etty has already bought some super cute baby boy clothes!!!)

We are spending lots of time in ministries at the church, with our friends, and with our families. Jacob's helping coach soccer at his old high school. We rarely have an evening without something on the agenda....and we're loving it!!

I will admit, I have felt a little guilty and even disappointed about not having ALL of my time to pour into being a wife and house-keeper. After a full year of having every day to clean and cook, I am missing that just a bit. My house definitely isn't clean most days and I don't cook dinner on a regular basis either, but this is a new season for us.

We are thrilled to be plugged back in to our church and community. And we can definitely see why God gave us a season of rest while in Tennessee. Isn't it amazing how He knows just what we need and when we need it?!

On the fertility front...

I'm in my third month on the new medicine. The first month, unfortunately, ended in another miscarriage. Because of timing, I didn't have an ultrasound to check follicles. So, with the second cycle, I had an ultrasound on day 12 and had 2 follicles. That's pretty amazing considering that's about all I was getting on HIGH doses of injectable meds. For a "low-responder" to react so well to a low-dose medication is really a miracle.

Unfortunately, even with two follicles, I didn't get pregnant. However, because of some blood work the doctor was able to discover that I have a very rapidly decreasing progesterone level. (It basically completely bottoms out instead of slowly declining.) That's probably the reason for the miscarriages. Soooo, we're trying again and adding progesterone supplementation! Keep praying with us!!

I'm going to do better about blogging regularly now that we're settled....or at least I'm going to try!! So stay tuned!!!

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